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Sign them up, earn money

Sign them up, earn money

We’ll give you 35% commission for every new subscriber to 123 Form Builder. As long as they sign up to a yearly plan within 120 days. Exquisitely simple.

They pay, we pay

Our subscribers pay us every month, so we pay you every month. As long as your referral is still a customer, we’ll cut you that cheque. Well, we’ll send via PayPal, bank transfer, or via 2Checkout. Cos we’re modern like that.

But will people sign up?

We have more than 2 million accounts, and provide the most robust form building software anywhere in the world.

Ok, so how does it work?

Someone clicks your unique referral link, they sign up, we pay you.
Got a little more detail? Maybe step-by-step?
Of course.

Sign up with 2Checkout, our payment processor. If you already have an account, locate the 123FormBuilder product and click on Start selling.

Place your unique link anywhere online. Please do it somewhere that lots of people will see, and say something really cool about us. 123 Form Builder is the best online form building software ever created and you’d be crazy not to use it, for example.

The visitors that you send to our site can either buy now or later – but when they do, you will be credited for the sale, as a cookie with your affiliate ID will be stored on their computers for 120 days.

We have seen the best results with people who have put the link in blogposts, but social media, banners, even emails all work well.

Sounds great, anything else I should know?

Just a couple more things.

Please note that if the user referred by you cancels their account and receives a refund from us within our refund policy, your commission is returned to us automatically.

We don’t like spam. If you are reported to us or to 2Checkout for spamming, your affiliation with us will be terminated.

Creating an affiliate account just to purchase for yourself is not allowed. Sales generated this way will be canceled. Yes, we can tell the difference.

We don’t work with any kind of Coupon-based website for promoting our service as an affiliate. Earnings done through Coupon based websites will not be considered for payment. Sorry, we love coupons for some things, just not forms.

What if I send a lot of people your way?

First, sending you a massive virtual high-five. Second, we want to let you know that once you refer 10 subscribers in any month, you can apply to become a power affiliate.

Power affiliates earn 50% of a referred users’ lifetime value upon each renewal, for as long as they pay for a 123 Form Builder subscription. Feel the power!