The right form builder

Online forms that are as easy as… well…1, 2, 3…

What is 123 Form Builder?

Aside from being an online form builder that people use to collect data and automate workflows through web forms, surveys, quizzes, and polls?

Well, it’s a collection of kick-ass people who are really into making the collection of data easier for people around the world.

Where do you come from?

123 was born in the heart of Transylvania, well actually Timisoara, which is kind of outside, but let’s go with the more famous option. And just like our most famous resident, we have been around for years. More than a decade, which is a lot for a SaaS company, not that many for a vampire.

Do you have history?

Yes we do! Founded in 2008, we collected our first subscription a year later. Today we’ve had over 200 million form submissions on our platform. Yes, that number is very large.

Got some stats to back it up?

How about these? Not too shabby, huh?

200 million form submissions

2 million people signed up to the platform

35 thousand companies signed up

85+ employees

185 countries use us

Also Inc magazine called us one of the fastest growing startups in Europe! We’re blushing

What do your customers say about you?

They love us, look at all the nice things they say…

123 Form Builder is really great, setting up a form takes seconds.

Neil Leyden Head of

With 123 it is easy to build beautiful forms.

Peter Rudd CRM Admin, European PGA Tour

123 Form Builder has been incredibly successful for us.

Ron Finegan Program Manager, HSE

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Who is in charge of all that?

This collection of fine upstanding Form geeks lead the best SaaS product team to ever come out of the western half of downtown Timisoara.

Florin Cornianu


Diana Simu

Head of HR

Marko Radosavlevici

Head of Engineering

Irina Cismas

Head of SMB

Mircea Savu

Head of Finance

Alexandra Draghici

Head of Enterprise

Davide Trimarchi

Head of Product & Design


What if I wanted to join this seemingly incredible team?

Rejoice! We’re hiring. Scoot over to our Careers page to learn more about our open positions, team culture, unique benefits, and how you too can get overly excited about online forms.

How about Security, are you on top of all that?

Like a suspicious old Count on an open neck wound! For more detail on all that good stuff including our Terms of Service, and how we make sure everyone’s data stays secure and GDPR compliant, check out our dedicated pages.

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