Square Forms Integration for Easy Payments

Getting paid should always be easy, so using Square payment forms becomes the definition of simplicity, especially when integrated with 123FormBuilder.
Our online payment form templates help streamline your workflow, giving you more time to grow and optimize your business processes.

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Build Square Forms Any Way You Need Them

123FormBuilder is a straightforward and user-friendly form builder that you will definitely love!Regardless of whether you want an order form creator to build an order form for your T-shirt business or a fundraiser tool to create a donation form for your non-profit, you can rest assured that 123FormBuilder will help you do this in three simple steps:

  • Select your template from the 3,000+ templates in our gallery OR build your form from scratch (simply drag and drop fields into the form using the intuitive editor).
  • Customize your form with conditional logic, email notifications, personalized design, and your payment method of choice (Square, for example).
  • Publish the form and let submissions come in. That’s all! Receive payments with Square forms in minutes.

Enjoy Native Square Integration with Our Forms!

Setting up a Square form is the easiest thing you’ve ever done! And it only takes up a few minutes of your time. 

Set up your form, add products and prices via multiple-choice fields, and then go to Payments.

Select Square, connect your Square account, and you’re done.

You are now officially ready to receive Square payments on your online forms. 

Conditional Logic for User-Friendly Square Order Forms

Conditional logic is a feature that allows you to create forms that are ultra-responsive and adaptable. So, for example, if you sell T-shirts, button-downs, and skirts and your customer is only interested in one of those, they can click and see only the options that interest them.

For example, if your non-profit runs four different campaigns, your donors can select the campaign they’d like to contribute to, and they will be given the necessary details just for that project. 

It all happens on the same Square form, so customers or donors never leave the page. Setting up a conditional logic rule in 123FormBuilder takes seconds, and you only need to click a couple of buttons in the form editor.

Stay in Touch with Your Customers and Donors

You want your Square payment forms to perform well. One way to do that is by staying in touch with your customers or donors. 123FormBuilder makes that easy with email notifications initiated by your completed Square form. 

Do you want to email your customers when their payment is received? Set up an email notification for that. Do you want to send them a certificate or a copy of their form submission as a PDF? Do you want to thank them for their purchase or donation? Add email notifications to your forms. 

To set up email notifications, do the following:

  • Go to the “Notifications” section of your 123FormBuilder account and set up the recipient (“Email” for the form submitter’s email).
  • Choose when the email will go through and what exactly it will include.
  • Personalize it with names, addresses, form IDs, and your desired email attachments.

And that’s basically it. You set it up once, and it will do its job for every payment form with Square that moves through your system.

More Fan-Favorite Square Form Features

The 123FormBilder Square form integration has a user-friendly interface that allows anyone to build their ideal online payment form. You simply use the drag-and-drop function to add the desired fields on the form, and you’re set. 

You can always employ more of our fan-favorite options for more complex forms. We already mentioned conditional logic and email notifications. Here are other key features:

  • Add your branding to forms to curate a personalized and unique online image. Choose your own colors and fonts, adjust field designs, create enticing buttons, and make your forms look prim and proper.
  • Product Field – Fill out forms with important product information to swiftly build order forms for targeted advertising campaigns.
  • Built-in calculations – Quickly enter data and produce results based on your preferred methodology. 
  • Add tax and price calculations, coupon codes, and discounts to your forms.
  • Thank you notes – Send personalized thank you messages to respondents who frequently contribute.
  • Form Insights – Gather data on the success of your Strikingly forms to improve them and produce more leads.
  • Include e-signature elements in your forms to improve efficiency and speed up document signing procedures.

Thousands of Form Templates for Every Use Case

When you simply need a Square form, but you’re low on time, or maybe you’re not in the mood to create one from scratch, use one of our templates. 

We have 3,000+ form templates ready to use. Take them as you find them or personalize them to your needs, add Square payments to them, and then publish them wherever you need them: as a link via email or WhatsApp or directly embedded on your site.

Take your pick from over 3,000 form templates ready to use, including:

Connect Square Payment Forms and Your Tools In Seconds

Time is valuable, and your Square forms should work smoothly every time, regardless of what other tools your business or non-profit might use. Ultimately, forms are data collection tools, meaning you need your form-collected data to move smoothly through your systems and tools and safely land where you want it.

123FormBuilder makes this super-easy with more than 45 native form integrations, like:

…and many more fully integrated tools that make data transfer an automatic, painless process. No more copy-pasting, no more errors. Just a smooth flow of information from your forms to your tools.

And no worries if you don’t see your favorite tool listed on our Integrations page. We’re also integrated with Zapier, which means you have thousands of tools you can easily connect with in seconds.

Keep Form Data Secure

Money and data are two of the most sensitive things in the world. 123FormBuilder has taken extensive security measures to ensure your forms and the data collected through them are secure.

We are:

  • 100% GDPR compliant (including servers in the EU upon request)
  • HIPAA compliant
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • ISO 27001 certified

Our online forms use robust security mechanisms to protect data integrity and protect against attacks. It uses DKIM and SPF to prevent email spoofing and phishing. CAPTCHA distinguishes between legitimate users and fake bots, lowering the possibility of spam submissions. 

We regularly scan all our systems, protect them in every way possible, and consistently train our employees to uphold the highest standards of security we abide by.

This all-encompassing approach to data security from the best form builder with Square integration guarantees that your forms and the data gathered through them are secure and in compliance with applicable requirements.

How it works

Build your form in minutes and collect data securely.

Step 1

From your 123FormBuilder account, choose a form template or build a form from scratch using drag and drop.

Step 2

Go to Payments, look for Square in the search box, then connect and enable it on your form. 

Step 3

Add the finishing touches to your form, publish it where you need it, and wait for submissions.

Collect payments and donations with Square payment forms and 123FormBuilder, optimizing your business processes.

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