Giving back is not optional to us.

It’s the 123 and ABC of who we are.

# 1 2 3 GivingBack

At 123FormBuilder, we believe the world can be a better place from multiple perspectives. We are committed to support NGOs and social impact causes in different areas.

What goes around comes around.

Thanks to our amazing customers, we have been lucky enough to continuously grow for the past 13+ years. It’s been a joyride, and we’re just getting started (no, really, #formsonMars is on our pipeline).

Milestone after milestone, employee after employee, form after form, we got here. And as we kept on reaching checkpoint after checkpoint on our path, we felt our journey was worthwhile only if we gave back to humanity. Everybody should. It’s how this planet and the people on it will heal one day.

Every form you build with 123FormBuilder helps us on our way to helping others.



Donated to help communities and connect people



Held by offering our skills to create a better tomorrow


trees saved

By using our product that eliminates paper forms entirely

Causes we’re committed to


Communities don’t just “happen”. They are built through continuous effort. They are also living organisms, where every small act of kindness and every small act of violence can affect everyone in the community, like in a ripple effect.

That is precisely why we believe community lies at the heart of building a stronger future.



At 123FormBuilder, we believe education goes a long way. We believe that it is key to not only teaching kids about Pythagoras and the rules of grammar, but also to raising a better, healthier, more aware, and more understanding future generation. We also believe that education doesn’t have to be connected to school or even a specific age group.

Education is a continuous process. It starts with learning numbers and colors and it never actually ends.



If education is an essential ingredient for a better future and if communities are the beating heart of how we envision our “tomorrow”, nature is where it all happens. Without a healthy environment, we simply cannot exist as a species on this planet. We are part of an ecosystem, a grander scheme, a global community that includes not only humans, but every other living being out there too.

That is precisely why we’re committed to helping nature heal by supporting NGOs in this area, as well as helping businesses go paperless.


Actions We Will Take to Support These Causes

We might not be able to single-handedly fix the world’s problems, but we are committed to making a difference in the world by:

  • Financially supporting organizations and projects active in the area of education, community development, and anti-deforestation efforts;
  • Creating campaigns that raise awareness over the causes we support
  • Becoming more responsible as individuals against environmental problems;
  • Individually supporting local communities in the aforementioned verticals

Who we support

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