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Wondering how to create an online order form with payment integrations?
Stop, you’re in the right place.

123 Form Builder will enable you to easily create any kind of order form you want. No matter what you sell and where, what payment methods you accept, or who your customers are, you can rely on our FREE online order form creator to have your back.

t shirt order form template
t shirt order form template

create an order form

How to make an Order Form – The easy way

create an order form

Order forms are the backbone of eCommerce, and one of the easiest and most efficient ways to collect orders and payments. 123 Form Builder’s free online order form creator is here to help you make online order forms in three easy steps:

build order form
build order form

Create by choosing from one of the order form templates (or create it from scratch, if you prefer).

customize order form
customize order form

Customize your form! Pick from a range of payment options, add email notifications to the form, make it secure with a CAPTCHA field, and more!

generate order form code
generate order form code

Publish the order form code on your site and start collecting orders and payments.
Cha-ching! Just like that!

Custom Order Forms with 123 Form Builder: really easy

drag and drop order form builder

Really! It is extremely easy. Even we can do it. The main goal of any customer order form is to collect information from the customer (like their delivery address, or payment details).

drag and drop order form builder
person completing an order form on mobile
person completing an order form on mobile

Our simple order form templates include all the info you need to collect from your customers — and if that’s not enough, you can customize our form templates down to the smallest detail.

conditional logic interface for online order forms

You can incorporate conditional logic. This means that some fields will only be visible if the customer ticks or fills in other fields. This helps you create a seamless, user-friendly experience for all your shoppers, improving not only how you collect data and payments, but also how easy your users find it to place an order.
Oh, and watch as your Conversion Rate goes up as well.
It’s a win-win kind of thing!

conditional logic interface for online order forms

123 Form Builder is seamlessly integrated with a long list of payment processing options. You can choose from any of the following and quickly integrate them when you create your order form.

order forms with multiple payment methods

Activate any of these providers with just a couple of clicks. You can even select more than one of them for each order form, giving your customers the option to pay via their preferred method! Talk about making it easy!

order forms with multiple payment methods

Take ALL the Order Form templates you need

collection of order form templates

Not only can you create an order form from scratch with 123 Form Builder, you can also take the super-easy route and pick from one of our many online form builder templates:

collection of order form templates
secure order forms

Order Forms and security matters

secure order forms

We know your data and the data submitted by your customers is highly confidential. That’s why we made sure that every single form is GDPR-friendly from every perspective. From keeping EU data in the EU, and US data in the US, to ensuring an SSL encryption for secure transactions (including for credit card payments), we have it all under control.

You and your organisation’s data security are in safe hands.

123 form builders have received more than
200 million secure form submissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions about your free online order form creator — and we have the answers:

What is an order form?

An order form is a form (surprise, surprise) that allows you to collect order information and payments from customers. In other words, it’s the thing that allows you to actually sell stuff online. Brilliant, right?

What is a customer order form?

Simply put, a customer order form is a form used by customers to purchase merchandise, goods, and services from retailers or vendors. The order form is the beginning of the purchase process, and, depending on the payment methods you accept, it can be prepaid (paid in advance) or not.

How to create an order form?

Oh, that’s something we know really well! You sign up for 123 Form Builder (you can try us out for free), choose from one of the many digital order form templates we have in store, customize it to your needs, and then publish it on your site. <Breaks into applause>

What does “customizing” a simple order form template mean, more exactly?

Customizing an order form template means you can add or remove fields (like Name, Delivery Address, Phone Number, Dropdown fields, Discount codes, and so on), you can add conditional logic to them, create an email notification workflow (so that your shoppers are informed about their order, for example), and choose from a range of payment processors.

All of this with just a few clicks, in minutes. Or seconds if you’re a really quick clicker.

How can I export orders in Google sheets?

123 Form Builder is fully integrated with Google Sheets and the entirety of the Google Drive suite. This means that you just have to activate the Google Drive integration, connect with your credentials, and the information you gather on your order forms will be automatically sent to the same spreadsheet.

From here, you can track orders and play with the information however you want (provided that you abide by GDPR regulations, of course — which, by the way, we can totally vouch for when it comes to each and every one of our forms.)

Can I export my orders in Excel?

Yep, absolutely. 123 Form Builder allows you to export your order (form) data into different formats, including .CSV, PDF, or Excel files. Just go to the Submissions section of your free order form builder and export your data as you please (as an Excel spreadsheet, for example)

Can I add PayPal to my order form?

Yes, of course! We are integrated with multiple payment gateways, including PayPal (along with Stripe,, and Square, to name but a few). You can easily activate your PayPal payment collection in the order form app (just go to the Payments section and choose PayPal, then connect it to your PayPal account).

What should an order form include?

What to include in your order form depends a lot on your business model and needs. However, some of the most common elements to consider include the following: 

  • Name, email, delivery address, and phone number (buyers’ contact information) 
  • Payment options 
  • Product catalog (which is where you can use conditional formatting for fields) 

As a general rule, you should make sure that ordering products or services from your website is as easy as possible. Customers don’t like to fuss about this too much — they have made their decision and they want to give you their money. You should definitely make it super-easy for them to do that, and our order form builder can make that happen.

Is 123 Form Builder free?

Yes, you can try our order form maker for free, but keep in mind that the free account is limited. You can still use a custom order form template to gather information and payments, but it will be limited in terms of how many payments you can collect in a given amount of time. To get more submissions, you can subscribe to one of the plans on our Pricing page. For more details, check out our Terms of Service.