Customize template

Keep your fast food restaurant successful with a fast food survey template for your customers. Adapt our template to fit your needs: start by having customers rate factors such as food, service, and likelihood to recommend, and personalize the form with your own unique survey questions. Whether you want to add single- or multiple-choice questions, Likert rating scales or anything else, it’s easy to customize the fast food survey template to meet your needs. Choose from pre-designed templates or use your own custom CSS for form look and feel.

Publish template

It’s simple to publish your fast food restaurant evaluation survey form to your website or create a link you can send to customers by social media or email. For the ultimate in easy publishing, connect your fast food survey template form to your website publishing platforms, such as WordPress or Blogger, so you can easily publish the form to your site with a few clicks. All forms are mobile friendly so customers can fill them out on the go right after their meal with you.

Collect & manage data

Gather fast food restaurant survey data in an online dashboard, or export to Excel, CSV or PDF files. For even more data analysis, integrate your fast food survey data with other web apps you use to run your business. This will save you time and help you better understand your customers to give them the best fast food experience possible.

Optimize your flow

Make the most of your online fast food survey template: get an instant email or SMS alerts when new submissions come in. This will let you follow up with customers about their experiences quickly and make sure that everyone enjoys your restaurant or gets a resolution to an issue.

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