This Job Application Form Template is available on the FREE plan, and comes with many, many benefits: 

  • Helps you build a job application in virtually no time
  • Helps you automate workflows in your company and reduce interdepartmental friction
  • Helps you generate useful data about your recruitment campaigns
  • Helps you connect your data and your tools in seconds
  • Extremely easy to use (you just grab it, customize it, and publish it).

Find the right candidate for the job

A good job application form will help you collect all the info you need from candidates — from names and email addresses to their Word document resumes and any other detail you need. 

The main benefit of a job application form compared to collecting CVs is ease of use: an online job application form will allow you to collect, filter, and manage data more rapidly and accurately, while a simple CV document will require a lot more manual work. 

Creating an application form for your job openings will also make it easier for candidates to apply — increasing your chances of finding the one, the candidate who really fits all your needs.

You might think creating job application forms is difficult, but in fact, you really don’t need anything other than 123 Form Builder. Our simple drag and drop form builder requires NO coding at all. All you need to do to create a job application form is:

  1. Grab a job application template from our database (or you can create an online job application form from scratch if you prefer). 
  2. Customize your job application form by adding an email notification system, a custom Thank You page, conditional logic, or simply by personalizing the form design to match your brand. 
  3. Publish it anywhere: on your site, social media feed, or anywhere else.

That’s it! Easy! Regardless of whether you choose to use a job application form template or create your own form, it will all take just a few minutes. 1-2-3 — and done! Now you can sit back and just let all those employment application form submissions roll in!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a job application form?

An online job application form is a digital online method of collecting job seekers official application to a company’s open position. This form will usually include information about the candidate (name, contact details, past experience, resume, cover letter, etc.), as well as information about the job and specific position they are applying for.

Why do employers use application forms?

Employers use application forms because it’s the easiest way to collect and manage information about their applicants. Online forms are easy to fill in for candidates too, and recruiters find it easier to sift through multiple submissions as forms collect all the applications in one place. 

What is the difference between a CV and an application form?

A CV will only collect detailed information about your candidates, whereas application forms can help you collect both detailed and high-level information about them. 

The main difference between a CV and an application form is that a CV includes extensive information about a candidate’s experience and skills, while application forms collect high-level information first, with the option to upload a CV to capture that deeper level of info on a candidate.

Simply collecting CVs alone makes it difficult to manage your hiring process. This is because there is more manual work involved. If you use an application form, you can easily organize candidates into pools, and collect their detailed information.

If you would like to collect resumes and cover letters in a job application form, you can easily do this by adding a “File Upload” field in your 123 Form Builder form. It takes one second to drag and drop it into the form!

How do I create a job application form?

That’s the easiest thing you’ll ever do (easier than finishing off last night’s pizza 🍕). Just grab a job application form template from 123 Form Builder or create your own form from scratch, customize it, and publish it. 1-2-3 and you’ve got an employee!

Do online job applications work?

Of course they do. It’s 2020 and online job applications are the most common and efficient way to apply to jobs. They save everyone time, resources, and trees. 🌳

How long should a job application take?

If you are asking how long a job application should take in terms of process, it probably shouldn’t take more than two to four weeks. 

If you are asking how long should it take for a candidate to apply to a job, we’d say about 30 minutes to one hour (and apparently that’s what most people think).

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