Customize template

This meeting attendance form template helps you document team member involvement in each project. There’s no need for technical expertise; simply drag and drop the fields you need to record. Choose from text areas, formatted dates, document uploads, dropdowns, and add captcha for spam protection. Add your choice of fonts and colors, then configure it to email the reports to supervisors and team leads.

Publish template

Share the form instantly using a variety of publishing options. To integrate it with your company website or intranet, simply copy and paste the provided embed code to any page. As an alternative, the form works an independent webpage which you can share by email or social media. Whether on your website or on its own, this meeting attendance form automatically adjusts for optimal display on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Collect & manage data

In addition to notifying team members and supervisors, your meeting attendance form keeps records of all entries. Organized in a dedicated database, you can look up conference participation history details by just logging in to your account. In addition, your dashboard includes robust analytics that can generate charts and graphs of attendance. All data can be exported to Excel, CSV or PDF or integrated with third-party apps such as Dropbox, Smartsheet and Google Drive.

Optimize your flow

A web-based meeting attendance form is a major time-saver, especially when compared to paper forms, Word documents or email. Try setting the form up on a tablet and pass it around as a meeting sign-in sheet. Afterward, you can generate an attendee list instantly, making it easier than ever to circulate the minutes or other follow-up materials. Finally, configurable notifications—available by both email and SMS—are an easy way to keep team members and supervisors working in sync.

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