Plug-and-Play Data
Collection Platform for Financial Services

123 Form Builder is a cloud platform that enables financial institutions to digitize data collection and automate data governance with online forms. We deliver a growing array of elegant solutions to the ever-evolving challenges of the digital age.

Excellent Data Governance Leads
to Financial-Service Excellence

123 Form Builder allows financial institutions to collect data and automate data governance easily. From our ready-to-use financial form templates to our smooth integrations with a variety of tools and payment processors, everything about our form builder is meant to help you collect, manage, and analyze data effortlessly.

How it works

The ability to effortlessly, efficiently, and securely gather, store, and analyze your data is paramount to optimize financial processes. 123 Form Builder has been designed and developed purposefully with versatility and flexibility in mind, but the overarching principles have always been user-friendliness and a seamless enterprise integration experience.

Safely Gather and Store Data

1. Safely Gather and Store Data

Make it as frictionless and as speedy as possible for both employees and customers to provide the relevant data to the appropriate parties through online forms.

Manage and Analyze Your Data

2. Manage and Analyze Your Data

Centralize your data in one place, either by taking advantage of our seamless third-party app integrations, in your current CRM or by using our manual and automated reports functionalities.

Data-Driven Functionalities and Decisions

3. Data-Driven Functionalities and Decisions

Make it easy to get and offer instant answers and provide a response to the customer in real-time, or funnel the data to the right person and object, whenever it’s needed.

Data-Collection Platform for Financial
Services | Main Features

Through automated online forms, you can gather financial information and direct it to the right person or automated process, at the right time. Coordinate the flow of information and connect customers, agents, compliance officers, brokers, and loan officers to deliver a single effortless journey. Here is why financial institutions treasure our platform:

Financial Form Templates

Streamline your data collection efforts and automate your workflows with these form templates that have been tailored for financial services. Customize any of the form examples by using the 123FormBuilder platform. No coding required.

Company Loan Quote

Preview form

Claim Request

Preview form

Broker Registration Form

Preview form

Know your Client

Preview form

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Seamless Enterprise Software

Once you have built and released a profusion of forms and surveys, connect them to our fine assembly of partner applications. Apart from our out-of-the box integrations, we support you in integrating with your own API or database, and we have mechanisms provisioned in this respect.provisioned in this respect.

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Enterprise-Grade Security

123 Form Builder delivers spotless user security to its clients and our extensive portfolio attests to that. As a full-service data-collection cloud solution, platform reliability, compliance, and data security are top priorities to us.

Virus and malware protection icon

HIPAA Compliance

In case of medical insurance or financing for patients, financial institutions fall under HIPAA compliance regulations. We have you covered.

Data backup and recovery icon

GDPR Compliance

When operating in Europe, handling data is constantly scrutinized by European Union regulator and local governments. No need to worry with 123 Form Builder.

Full Submission Filtering and Control icon

Full Submission Filtering and Control

You can protect your forms through authenticated user access, password protection, custom availability, custom submission filters and different other methods.

Network and server protection icon

Network and Server Protection

123 Form Builder runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and encrypts all data through 256-bit SSL connections. We monitor the platform 24/7 for potential threats and unauthorized activities.

Virus and malware protection icon

Virus and Malware protection

We use AWS hosting for secure data collection on each and every form created with our tool.

Data backup and recovery icon

Data Backup and Recovery

We have a near-perfect uptime record and we have never lost a byte. You can trust us in storing, securing and recovering your data, if the need should ever arise.

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Prompt and Knowledgeable Support

From the very beginning, we insisted on keeping our Customer Care program in-house. This decision has kept us in touch with day-to-day user challenges and has sharpened our ability to offer our users the right assistance at the right time. Here is how we do it, in four easy steps:

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We create and implement custom enterprise support strategies

Channels icon

We identify and use the most comfortable channels for our users

Categories icon

We categorize support case records to achieve maximum efficiency

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We prioritize requests for a minimum response and resolution time