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Use simple contact forms or complex surveys on your WordPress website! 123FormBuilder simplifies your data collection process and opens up a world of possibilities for collecting data and interacting with your audience.
Embed customizable online forms into your WordPress website to expand functionality and enhance user engagement. Gather orders, registrations, and data as easily as 1-2-3!

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The WordPress Form Builder for Everything

123FormBuilder is a powerful online form solution for WordPress that offers over 3,000 customizable form templates to choose from. With pre-designed templates, you can quickly set up forms for various purposes, from lead generation and feedback collection to event registration and e-commerce checkout.

Take your pick from our ready-to-use templates, including:

123FormBuilder Fan-Favorite Form Features

123FormBuilder online forms for WordPress are simple and flexible. You can effortlessly create, customize, and manage online forms using 123FormBuilder’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor. 

With advanced features like conditional logic and multi-page forms, you can tailor the form’s behavior to suit your specific needs, providing a personalized and interactive experience for your website visitors. Here are some popular features:

  • Customize forms with your branding to create a unique online image. Choose colors, fonts, layouts, and buttons to make your forms look polished and eye-catching.
  • Product Field – Add crucial product details to quickly create purchase forms for focused marketing efforts.
  • Built-in calculations – Enter data quickly and use formulas to get the desired results. 
  • Include pricing and tax estimates, coupon codes, and discounts.
  • Thank-You messages – Send words of appreciation to respondents who provide thoughtful responses regularly.
  • Form Insights – Compile information on the performance of your WordPress forms to enhance them and generate more leads.
  • E-signature – Increase productivity and hasten the document signing process.
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WordPress Forms with File Upload Fields

Your online forms should collect the information you need, and sometimes that means adding file upload fields to collect the Resumes, CVs, Videos, Images, and PDFs that you need to get the job done.

With 123FormBuilder, you can add a file upload field to your form quickly and easily. All you have to do is use drag and drop from the intuitive form editor at your disposal. 

Regardless of whether you need to collect PDF or Word document resumes from your applicants or photos from customers, our trusty file upload field will be there for you.

Conditional Logic for Your WordPress Forms

With conditional logic, you create forms that are user-friendly from start to finish by selecting what respondents see according to their responses. In other words, conditional logic saves your customers and users precious time and brings them closer to you and your brand.

Conditional logic allows you to design forms that adapt and change based on the responses provided by the user. This means that you can show or hide specific form fields, sections, or entire pages depending on the choices made by the form respondent. 

Whether you’re creating surveys, quizzes, or complex registration forms, setting up conditional logic enhances the user experience by presenting relevant questions and information, reducing form clutter, and guiding respondents through a tailored and interactive form-filling process.

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WordPress Surveys & Polls in Minutes

It takes three steps to create an event registration form in 123FormBuilder (just like with any other form). The best part is that you can even connect it to Google Calendar to ensure your attendees don’t miss out on any important news or info you have for them.

Setting up a survey, poll, or questionnaire in 123FormBuilder is really easy. We have many templates available, but even if you create your survey from scratch, you’ll still do it quickly and in style. You can use drag and drop or HTML or PHP coding if you’re more tech-savvy. The choice is yours.

Plus, we have some exciting adjacent features for your quizzes and surveys — such as calculating results, displaying smart Thank You pages at the end of surveys, or sending out email notifications based on your respondents’ answers.

Quick Payments with Your Favorite Payment Processors

When using the best WordPress forms for your NGO, non-profit organization, or eCommerce business, you can absolutely go to 123FormBuilder. Create WordPress-friendly order forms and donation forms that collect the payments through:

… or any other online payment processors we’re fully integrated with.

All you have to do is build the web form you need, add the payment processor you want, and embed your form on your WordPress site. You’ll be collecting payments for your goods and services in no time!

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Native Integration with 3rd Party Apps

The 123FormBuilder WordPress integration goes beyond form creation and embedding. It lets you connect your forms with various third-party applications and services, streamlining your workflow and enhancing your WordPress website’s functionality. 

We’re connected with over 80 popular tools across various use cases, from payments to email marketing, CMS platforms, file management, and more. All the information you collect with your forms can be instantly transferred to any of the tools we’re integrated with. Here are some popular integration examples:

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Keep Data Secure

123FormBuilder takes data security seriously, and its forms are designed with various safety features to protect sensitive information. 

Our forms are so secure the American healthcare industry trusts us with their data collection, and customers choose us because we’re one of the few 100% GDPR-friendly form builders on the market.

This includes compliance with HIPAA standards, making us the best form builder for WordPress suitable for websites that handle personal or medical data.

We hold certificates and proof to show we’re serious about data security:

  • GDPR compliant
  • HIPAA compliant
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • ISO 9001 certified

We do everything necessary to ensure our forms for WordPress are safe — for customers and users alike. From spam protection measures you can incorporate in your forms (like CAPTCHA fields, for example) to malware protection, DKIM, and SPF to prevent email spoofing and phishing attacks.

How it works

Build your form in minutes and collect data securely.

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Create your form from scratch, or choose one of the form templates created for every use case you can imagine.

Step 2

Adjust, edit, and customize your form with conditional logic, file upload fields, design, notification system, and more.

Step 3

Easily embed your forms in your WordPress website, or send the link out via email and wait for submissions.

Improve your WordPress website with 123FormBuilder! Create custom forms, gather data, and expand your subscriber base.

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