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wordpress form builder

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Frankly, WordPress form builders come in all shapes and sizes, but no other is as:

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You name it, we got it.

wordpress form templates
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I have done a few very complex and involved forms for conference applications with payments. The are fairly easy to set up once you get the hang of it. If you are ever stuck or not sure how to do it, the call center guys are super clued up and extremely helpful. I have to also say, extremely friendly too.

Support is amazing and is basically immediate. I had an issue and it was sorted out within a few seconds. I upgraded to the paid version and I am SO happy that I did it. By far the best form builder I have ever used! Thanks BOGDAN for this amazing plugin and the even more amazing support.

This plug-in works great and the people working behind the scenes are responsive and helpful.

I love how they understand support.

Build Forms for WordPress

(and for other places too)

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned WordPress veteran or a complete beginner, the 123 Form Builder form plugin is exactly what you need to create online forms in WordPress — and beyond. With 123 Form Builder, it takes seconds to create a form and put it up on your WordPress:

create wp form

Create your form from scratch or choose one of the 1900+ form templates created for every use case you can imagine.

wp form editor

Adjust, edit, and customize your form with your conditional logic, file upload fields, design, and notification system

publish wp forms

Publish your form on WordPress, or any other platform. Like Facebook or Twitter, or just send the link out via email.

The 123 Form Builder WordPress plugin brings you ultimate flexibility for your forms


WordPress forms for a WordPress community


WordPress is more than just a site builder.

WordPress is a community. A community we’ve been part of for more than a decade, because we understand the value that it brings the people who love WordPress.

Whatever issues or questions you might have with 123 Form Builder’s WordPress plugin, there’s an entire community of users waiting to help you out. Yes, that’s right, there’s an entire team of WordPress geeks ready to provide you with quick, competent, and smart answers. In 1, 2, 3 seconds.

WordPress forms with file upload fields

wp form designer

Your online forms should collect the information you need, and sometimes that means adding file upload fields to collect the Resumes, CVs, Videos, Images, and PDFs that you need to get the job done.

With 123 Form Builder, you can add a file upload field to your form in literally two seconds (or however long it takes for you to drag and drop a thing on the screen).

Regardless of whether you need to collect PDF or Word document resumes from your applicants or photos from customers, our trusty file upload field will be there for you.

wp form designer
wordpress forms with conditional logic

Conditional logic for your WordPress forms

wordpress forms with conditional logic

Logic is the stuff that makes the world go round.

OK, so money and love are also involved, but logic sure is important.


Right! Especially conditional logic, the coolest thing in form building since, well, online forms themselves.

Conditional logic allows you to create forms that are user-friendly from start to finish by selecting what respondents see according to their responses. In other words, conditional logic saves your customers and users precious time and brings them a little closer to you and your brand.

Awesome, right?

What’s even more awesome is that it takes seconds to set up a conditional logic rule in 123 Form Builder. It’s so intuitive that even a baby could do it.

WordPress surveys & polls in minutes

wordpress surveys and polls

We… sense… you… are… looking… for… surveys

Of course we’re not sensing it! Data told us you are — and much of our data comes from, you guessed it, surveys, polls, and questionnaires.

Setting up a questionnaire in 123 Form Builder is, you guessed it, really easy. Not only do we have lots of templates for this, but even if you choose to create your survey from scratch, you’ll still do it in minutes.

Plus, we have some pretty awesome adjacent features for your quizzes and surveys — such as calculating results, displaying smart Thank You pages at the end of surveys, or sending out email notifications based on your respondents’ answers.

If that ain’t super form-cool, we don’t know what is!

wordpress surveys and polls
wordpress sponsorship form

WordPress order forms & donation forms

wordpress sponsorship form

Using WordPress forms for your NGO or non-profit organization?

Or maybe for your eCommerce business?

You can absolutely use 123 WordPress forms to create order forms and donation forms that actually collect the payments through:

… or any of the additional 8 online payment processors we’re fully integrated with.

WordPress event registration forms in 3 steps

wp event registration form

If you’re planning an event (be it online or offline), an event registration form will come in handy on your WordPress website.

It takes three little steps to create an event registration form in 123 Form Builder (just like with any other form). And the best part is that you can even connect it to Google Calendar, to make sure your attendees don’t miss out on any important news or info you have for them.

Three steps. Infinite data collection possibilities (insert evil laughter here). What’s even more awesome is that it takes seconds to set up a conditional logic rule in 123 Form Builder. It’s so intuitive that even a baby could do it.

wp event registration form
wp form templates

WordPress form templates for every need

wp form templates

We have more than 1900 form templates you can grab, adjust, and publish on your WordPress site. Just like that. As fast as a rocket, and as easy as everything that’s not rocket science.

Some template examples you might find useful, for example:

Connect Your WordPress Forms
with 80+ Tools

wp form integration

That’s not an exaggeration. We’re connected with more than 80 popular tools across a huge spectrum of use cases, which basically makes us one of the best integrated WordPress form builders ever.

wp form integration

Just some examples of our form integrations:

“OK, OK, you can stop now, what’s in this for me?”, you might ask.

Well, what this means for you is this: all the information you collect with your forms can be instantly transferred to any of the 80+ tools we’re integrated with. Even more, your forms can easily move from WordPress to other platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter or plain and simply your email marketing tool.

Drooling from all the possibilities? Click the big button below to start connecting your forms to your favorite tools.

Collect Secure Data

(and store it on the servers where you need it to be)

Not only are we stupid easy to use and integrated across the entire digital industry, we’re also secure.

In fact, we place security at the very core of our business. Our forms are so secure the American healthcare industry trusts us with their data collection and customers choose us because we’re one of the few 100% GDPR-friendly form builders on the entire market.

We hold certificates and proof to show we’re dead serious about data security:

We do everything necessary to ensure our forms are safe — for customers and users alike. From spam protection measures you can incorporate in your forms (like CAPTCHA fields, for example) to malware protection on our end, we really go above and beyond for data protection. You can find out more about this on our Security page, for example.

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