Automated Enterprise and Workflow Forms in Minutes

Bid farewell to wastes of time, resources, and energy. Create & automate data collection processes that work.

For Everyone.

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Forms that work for your Enterprise

You are a busy person, we get that. We understand how you don’t want to spend time creating useless forms, wasting paper, or copy-pasting data from one tool to another. We understand that you absolutely need all thedepartments in your organization to be able to access your data collection tool and the results your forms bring in.

We understand that your business is data-driven and that you need the best form building tool on the market.

Not to brag, but 123 Form Builder enables you to finally meet all your form building needs:

  • Help all your organization’s departments streamline their data
  • Automate workflows and remove data entry fatigue, human error, and low productivity
  • Manage your data easily.
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Build Forms Together, As a Team

Creating online forms and working on them as a team should be a breeze for the entire company, regardless of their department. From Marketing to HR to Operations, everyone should be able to easily pitch in, do their magic,and create forms that do the job.

123 Form Builder believes in team collaboration, so we give our Enterprise customers the ability to purchase additional users for your form building account and set them up as either Administrators or Standard users.

As easy and breezy as 1, 2, 3.

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Connect Your Data with Your Tools

123 Form Builder is integrated with more than 80 of the most popular tools used for project management, CRMs, content management, marketplaces, social media, file management, online payments, helpdesks, and more.

Literally every type of tool that might use data from your forms can be automatically connected to 123 Form Builder.Let your collected data flow freely from one tool to another, in seconds.

And 65+ more tools all available for instant integration with your forms and data.

We know time is of the essence for you, and we also know seamless communication between your tools and your data can really make the difference. Stop wasting your time importing and exporting data — let it connect seamlesslywith all the tools your company is using.

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Collect Information Securely

We’re not just secure. We’re Enterprise-level secure because data protection is at the very core of our business model. And we have the evidence to prove it:

  • ISO 27001 certification
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Backup & Data Recovery 30 Day Guarantee
  • Secure SSL Connection
  • Virus & Malware Protection
  • Password Protection Forms
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • SQL Injection & Cross-Site Scripting protection
  • Spam protection

GDPR Compliance from Top to Toe

Our form builder does everything to make sure your forms are GDPR compliant 100%. And yes, that includes servers in the EU, as well as anywhere else in the world if needed. To help you out, we made this fascinating page onhow we make GDPR compliance possible.

HIPAA Compliance for the Healthcare Industry

Our form builder is HIPAA-certified In fact, multiple big names in the American healthcare industry trust us with their patient’s data, including Fortitude, for example.

I did have other options, but the capabilities and functions were better with 123 Form Builder, which also took the time to reach out to me and learn more, as well as listening to the clients’ voice and being soaccommodating for a start-up. The team has been such a pleasure to work with.

Crystal Roark
MBA/MHA, President-Consultant of Fortitude Consulting Group

Learn More about How Fortitude Took Healthcare Digital with 123 Form Builder

Everything Your Enterprise Forms and Workflows Need, In One Place

Big companies need big solutions that make complex processes simpler, faster, and more efficient.

And that is exactly what 123 Form Builder does for thousands of corporations around the world by providing them with every single feature they need to automate their data collection processes and workflows with enterpriseforms that are easy to build and even simpler to maintain.

Dedicated Account Management

We want you to receive all the attention your business needs and deserves. That’s why you will be assigned a dedicated account manager at the beginning of our time together, to ensure you’re getting everything you can out ofyour forms. 

After all,  great communication is the foundation of every great business relationship.

Round the Clock Technical Support

No matter the question, rest assured that our stellar Enterprise Customer Care team is ready to help you out. Every day of the work week, at any time, they’re always there to provide you assistance when you need it.

100% Customizable Forms & Workflows

Your forms should look like, well your forms. No matter their purpose and which team handles them, they should be on brand. For this reason, we have made sure the following features help our customers personalize theirforms to fit their businesses in every way possible:

  • Remove the 123 Form Builder watermark 
  • HTML, CSS & JS customizationContent embedding options (for images, videos, PDFs, and even Google maps) 
  • Multi-page and multi-language forms 
  • Tens of field types to choose from, including signatures, file uploads, and formula fields 
  • Payment collection features (including integrations with 15+ payment collection tools, calculations, coupons, and so on) 

Survey & quiz capabilities (including Likert scales, countdown timers, and quiz grading for the education industry)

Conditional Logic Rules

Real-time adaptable forms don’t just happen. They’re built on a sturdy conditional logic that helps respondents see only what they needto see. 

123 Form Builder’s conditional logic rules allow you to only show fields to specific responses and redirect users to the place you want them to go. Because user experience comes first, and adaptable forms are fundamental for agreat user experience.

Email Notifications

Stay in touch with your form respondents by sending them customizable email notifications and attachments. 

It takes a minute to set up a proper email notification process for your form, but it can take your relationship to your users to a whole new level. Regardless of whether your form submitters are energy companies, governmentagencies, or non-profit stakeholders and donors, we have made it easy for you to keep the communication going. 

Mobile Responsiveness

Your 123 forms are created to be fully responsive and functional on every device, from good ol’ desktops to the latest smartphones and tablets. Because mobility is at the very front of future tech, and you want to stay on top ofthat, right?

Prefill Form Options

Make it really easy for your respondents to fill in their forms. Salesforce or external databases are features your Enterprise form fillers will absolutely love. 

Because who doesn’t love saving time and making things easy? 

Data Collection, Management & Transfer Accessibility

Collecting and managing data is essential for business growth, but it needs to be done properly from the very beginning — and part of that is making sure you make it easy for everyone involved to streamline informationcollection and transfer. 

That’s where 123 Form Builder shines. From sharable form links to making forms easily accessible on more than 9 platforms and in the Salesforce cloud, as well as full integrations with more than 80 tools, you get it all. Nomatter what kind of enterprise you run, be it a real estate business, a higher education institution, or an energy and utilities company, your data collection processes will be in pristine condition with 123 Form Builder. 

Import, export, edit, and approve submissions, generate PDF documents from your forms and easily share them with respondents and stakeholders by email, track your forms in Google Analytics and assign them reference IDs, andallow your respondents to use your forms even when offline. 

We give you all the features you need to make data collection as easy as 1, 2, 3, for everyone involved.

White Label Forms

Want to integrate 123 Form Builder into your software and make your forms all yours? 123 Form Builder offers a white label option for anyone interested in: 

  • Integrating our form builder into your software
  • Full customization of the 123 Form Builder backend 
  • Domain aliasing for web forms 
  • Using an intuitive & attractive interface
  • Creating white label welcome pages 

…and basically everything that fully incorporates our solution with yours, allowing you to brand your forms from A to Z.

Enterprise Forms for Every Industry

No matter your core industry, rest assured that we have your back covered when it comes to data collection and workflow optimization. With more than a decade of experience in building Enterprise forms for clients in all walks ofbusiness, you can rely on us to cater to every single need your company might have in the form building sector.

We cover the data collection needs for big names in every industry you can think of, and we do it proudly because Enterprise forms automation makes us weirdly happy.


With the 123 Form Builder Enterprise plan, you obtain access to dedicated assistance, custom contracts, and advanced functionality. If you would like to see the differences in detail, you can find them in ourpricing section.

Financial Services

With the 123 Form Builder Enterprise plan, you obtain access to dedicated assistance, custom contracts, and advanced functionality. If you would like to see the differences in detail, you can find them in our pricing section(please add link to the pricing page).


With the 123 Form Builder Enterprise plan, you obtain access to dedicated assistance, custom contracts, and advanced functionality. If you would like to see the differences in detail, you can find them in our pricing section.

Want to learn more about the thousands of ways online Enterprise forms and workflows can help you increase your company’s productivity, ROI, and serviceability?

Or maybe about how 123 Form Builder can help you with tailored Enterprise implementation services?

Want to become a 123 Form Builder Enterprise partner?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the Enterprise and other paid plans?

With the 123 Form Builder Enterprise plan, you obtain access to dedicated assistance, custom contracts, and advanced functionality. If you would like to see the differences in detail, you can find them in our pricing section(please add link to the pricing page).

Is there a minimum number of users needed for the Enterprise plan?

No, there’s no limit on users for our Enterprise plan. You can start with just one user or bring your whole team on board. With the 123 From Builder Enterprise plan, you can tailor the solution according to your needs, withmultiple users, and very specific permissions. A dedicated account manager will help you understand what is the best fit for you.

How much does the Enterprise subscription cost?

The Enterprise plans start at 195$/month, paid annually. However, prices do change according to your exact specifications. For example, if you want to add enhanced security and HIPAA compliance, you would have to choose theCompliance plan (starting at $245/month, paid annually). Furthermore, discounts are available for multiple users. We support non-profits and educational organizations with additional discounts.

Are there different types of licenses?

There are several types of roles that your users can be assigned, this helps you to control permissions on your forms and moderate costs:

  • Administrator – can manage all forms and users
  • Group administrator – can manage all forms and users for one or more groups
  • Standard user – can build and manage forms, depending on the permissions assigned
  • Viewer – can view and submit forms (on the web or in the 123 Form Builder mobile app), can view and work with collected data

You will need at least one Admin license to start on the Enterprise Plan. Other roles will be  created by our account manager according to your requirements.

How do I know how many users I need?

When determining the number of users, please note that our licensing agreement requires each user to be a unique person with an individual email address. You will need licenses for: 

  • the people in your team who will be building/managing forms
  • the people who will sign in before filling out forms. This does not include public access to forms, which is of course unlimited.

What exactly do I get with the “dedicated support” that’s available with the Enterprise plan?

The Enterprise plan comes with a dedicated Account Manager, as well as a dedicated Technical Account Manager. They will support you in working out your exact needs and implementing solutions that will meet those needs. Inaddition to these two managers, you always have access to our Customer Care team, available by email, and live chat around the clock during the workweek. On request, we can also provide customized services based on your needs.More details can be found here.

Is there a minimum contract length?

Enterprise licenses start with a 12-month contract and are paid upfront.

Can you move my existing forms from a Standard account to an Enterprise account?

Yes. In most cases, your Standard account gets upgraded to the Enterprise service plan and no migration is needed. If for any reason, you need to start a separate Enterprise subscription, we will simply move your forms and datato the new account.

Are there any limits in terms of the number of forms or submissions?

Forms are unlimited. Submissions have a 100k/month threshold. This is the standard limit and can be increased according to your needs.

What are the differences between the Enterprise plan and the Compliance plan?

The Compliance plan has additional features and provisions, such as: extra security layer,  HIPAA protocols, custom BAA, custom insurance policy. Contact our Sales team to find out more.

Can I white label 123 Form Builder?

Yes, you can fully rebrand the form builder to match your own brand identity. White labeling requires customized setup and comes as an add-on. Read more about our white label package here, or contact our Sales team to find outin detail how it can work for you and your team.

I have some specific contractual requirements. Are you flexible in adapting your contract?

Yes, we can accommodate change requests in legal documents, just speak to our Sales team to find out more..