Create accurate evaluations through online forms

Evaluation forms are the easiest way to learn more about the performance and evolution of your employees, customer experience, students, or anything else that improves over time. Evaluation forms function as feedback forms placed against a judgment of some sort (such as comparing the evolution of a student or employee’s performance from one evaluation to another, based on predetermined criteria or KPIs).

Creating an evaluation form is very easy when you have a tool like 123 Form Builder:

  1. Pick from the wide range of evaluation form templates we have already created for you or just create your own evaluation form from scratch (no worries, you just need to drag and drop fields into the form)
  2. Customize it with your own design, personalize the questions, add conditional logic to display certain fields only when necessary, and create an email notification system to help you stay in touch with your respondents.
  3. Publish it anywhere you need: your website, social media feed, or just send it out via email or WhatsApp.

And just in case you’re wondering, you can always connect your evaluation form data with any of the 80+ tools 123 Form Builder is integrated with, including (but not limited to): 

…and many more. No more copy pasting, no more endless clicking, no more human error! Just instant data transfer from your collection tools (your evaluation forms, for example) to your other tools. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an evaluation form?

Evaluation forms are used when you want to collect information about the progress of a service, professional’s evolution, or overall satisfaction with a product or business across a given time span (and in comparison to previous data).

An online evaluation form is a digital document created with the purpose of evaluating progress on a given matter: a student’s learning, an employee’s performance, a product’s satisfaction level for its customers, and so on.

Collecting this type of information from employees and customers will help you make better business decisions and promote growth and evolution in your company or institution.

How to use an evaluation form?

It is important to use evaluation forms correctly. For example, you should make sure the information required is very clear for respondents.

Also, you should compare the information on an evaluation form with the previously collected data (such as data from a feedback form you published a while ago, qualitative data collected from interviews, or other evaluation forms you used in the past).

Your evaluation forms can be as formal or informal as you need them to be, depending on your brand, your company values, and the specific situation you are evaluating.

However, do keep in mind that your evaluation forms should be as short as possible because nobody wants to answer endless surveys.

How to create an evaluation form?

You can easily create an evaluation form with 123 Form Builder. Simply grab one of the evaluation form templates in the 123 Template Library OR you can just create your own from scratch by dragging and dropping fields into your form.

You can also customize your form with conditional logic, email notifications, Thank You pages, your unique design, and a wide range of types of fields (drop-down, multiple-choice, single-choice radio boxes, and so on).